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Happy Thanksgiving

You know, I don't stop to think about it very often, but I have a lot of things to be thankful for. A lot of people to be thankful for. And I really take a lot of them for granted. And no, I'm not going to go up to them all tomorrow and hug them and tell them I'm glad I know them. Because frankly, I'm not so good with the verbal communication, and because it would probably really embarrass most of them. But I will make a list on my LJ, where none of them will ever read it, and just try to show my gratefulness for their awesomeness in other ways. I don't love that easily, but here are just a few people who I really love, and am really glad I know. 
My dad, and not just because he can fix laptops, but because he makes me laugh and goes to Sci-Fi movies with me and bravely attempts to help me with my math homework and cried when my hermit crab died. 

My mom, because even if she doesn't believe it, I can talk to her about anything, and she trusts me enough to talk to me about stuff too, because she always loans me money when I don't have enough to pay the clerk at the jewelry store, and because it isn't humiliating that she works at my school- really! 

Vivian, because her favorite color is pink and she makes me watch "Hannah Montana" with her and never shuts up when I'm trying to read and tried to set me up on a date with her best friend's brother and is everything a little sister should be. 

Mrs. O., who is more like me than anyone I know, except way cooler, who was always more like a friend than a former teacher, and who I really should have listened to when she told me that everybody gets bad grades sometimes, and who is just, well, a really special person.

D., because she always has that book I wanted to read and never minds for I forget to return it until a month later, because we see eye to eye on HP and she always wants to go to the movie release with me, and because she's always up for anything, anytime. Even when I'm not. 

A. reads the teen magazines and shops at Aeropostale and wears makeup that I've never even heard of, and I've always felt like I could talk to her about things that I couldn't realy talk to my other friends about, like, you know, fashion and boys. A. planned her senior prom when we were in fifth grade. I don't always understand her, but for someone like me, she's a breath of fresh air. Besides, it's nice to know you've got someone who's always been your friend and always is your friend, even if you haven't talked outside of instant messaging for a month because you go to different school now and you're both so busy. When we do see each other, it's like she still lives next door and sees me every day. 

L. gets me through the endless games of floor tennis in PE and always has a smile on her face that makes cynical ol' me just a little bit happier. She calls me Froggy for no reason that I know of and is more athletic and more optimistic than I could ever dream of being. L. is a beam of sunshine who doesn't let her own clounds keep her from trying to brighten up other people's days. I fear I am less helpful at cheering her up- all I can really do is get worked into a righteously angry froth at whatever ridiculous rule her parents have come up with 

I know I am very lucky to have all four of my grandparents- Grandpa T. with his stories that are not at all the tedious "I walked fifty miles in the snow to school" sort, Grandpa R., who gives us behind-the-scenes tours of the small zoo where he works, Grandma J. and Grandma D., who both share the wonderful traits of loving to read and talk, though about very different subjects.  

I'm also lucky to have one aunt that I know very well amidst a sea of aunts and uncles whose names I sometimes forget and more cousins than I can keep track of, Aunt K., who is a fabulous artist, a great conversationalist, and a wonderful maker of mixed CDs.